Good Practies

Established a good relation with Local Administration:

In the Moheshkhali sub-district, the Regional Older People´s committee influenced and continued negotiation with sub-district administration for a sitting / resting place for older people when they visit the sub-district administration office. The Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO), the highest administrative officer at sub-district level, has allocated a room in the office compound for the older people committee for their exclusive use.

An effective community watchdog group beside a vulnerable older people:

Haider Ali, age 65, in Maliper Bazar under the Barabeel Union in the Gangachara sub-district in Rangpur district was seriously injured by a road accident a few days back. The monitoring team in Barabeel Union was visiting near the hospital and quickly arranged an urgent meeting for proper treatment. They were trying to raise funds from team members and other affluent people at local and sub-district level. After the treatment, Haider Ali was recovering which was beyond his imagination. The committee members are regularly keeping in contact with him and observing progress. This initiative created inspiration among OPAs

Older people association’s created opportunity by their lobbying activities:

The Union Health Complex of Lakshitari union is situated in ward # 4. The health complex has not been in service as there is no doctor to attend the patients there. The ward monitoring team and the concerned village committee made an effort to make the complex operational. The members of these two committees frequently met with the concerned official of the upazila administration and made repeated demands for making arrangements to open the complex. They even met a doctor who is supposed to be posted there. The hospital authority agreed to take appropriate measures so that people could have treatment from the health centre.

Registration of Older People’s Associations:

November, 2011

Boro Moheshkhali Union committee got registration from social welfare department of government. OPA leaders were directly involved throughout the registration process. Now older people think that there are huge opportunity were opened in sustainable way. It would be helpful to get access with government support easily. Already UNO had provided some support to newly registrar OPA.