Health support for older women

RIC, aided by HelpAge Germany, is providing health supports to older women. RIC organized health camps in 5 unions of 3 districts Pirojpur, Gazipur and Munshigonj during October and November when 250 older women received medical advices and medicines.

Older people committee´s initiative for providing health support

´Alhaj Kasiruddin Kalyan Foundation´ in Lakshmitary arranges a month long health camp every year. This year the Union Older People’s Committee in its monthly meeting decided to help sick older people in the union get the benefit and as a result 51 destitute older people could have the treatment from the foundation.

Administration´s solidarity with older people

In Moheshkhali, the zonal older people´s committee maintains a continued lobbying and communication with the Upazilla administration that bore result at the end. Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO), the highest administrative officer, has allocated a room in the office compound to the older people committee for its exclusive use. The hand over took place on November 12, 2010. The allocation, OP leaders think, would further advance the understanding and commitment of the administration for the poor older people in the upa-zilla.

UN adopts a landmark resolution on Older People rights

On 16th November, 2010 in New York, the Third Committee- one of the working committees of the UN General Assembly- adopted a landmark resolution on older people’s rights. In this resolution, the General Assembly decided to set up a working group to consider how to strengthen the protection of older people’s rights. It will do this by looking at the adequacy of the existing international human rights framework, identifying any gaps and considering the possibility of new human rights instruments

ROM mission of European Union in POPP project area

A ROM mission team from European Union visited some areas of POPP project from October 10 to 13, 2010. The mission team leader Blanca Gill along with staffs from HelpAge International Bangladesh office and RIC visited Baria union in Gazipur, Bara Moheshkhali, Choto Moheshkhali, and Moheshkhali sadar and met OP committee leaders and members. They also met higher officials at Moheshkhali Upazilla administration and civil society leaders at Cox’s Bazaar. Major objectives of ROM visit were:

  • Increasing transparency and accountability of allotted public fund.
  • Making progress through analysis of Aid result and its impact
  • Upgrading the quality of the project and program through regular collection of objective data.